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The famed Dutch DJ First State has already released three studio albums and several world-famous singles. First State operates on a global level in the style of trance and progressive house, began its activities in 2005 and is now actively engaged in creativity. Under the name First State or the First State, 2 people made their debut at once. This DJ duet made a great impression on many listeners. Members of the DJ collective are Ralph Barends and Sander van der Val. The band's first studio album, entitled Time Frame, was released back in 2007, after which the collection of hits In Search Sunrise appeared.

In 2008, the world saw the mixed compilation of Trance We Trust, and in 2009, a popular single, called Off The Radar, was released. In 2010, the second studio album First State was released, which received the name Change Lanes. In 2012, another DJ joined the project - Shane Halkon, who released the single Reloaded. The third studio album First State, entitled “Full Circle”, was released in 2014, after which many more popular singles were released, which are still heard by fans of the group.
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