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Ferry Corsten, composer, producer and DJ, was born in Holland, in the city of Rotterdam in 1973. In this seaport port city, he began his career by making his first record at the age of 16. However, it is believed that his professional career officially began in 1999. While washing cars, he saved up money and bought the first keyboard. This gave him the opportunity to mix audio cassettes and sell them to their peers.

He had a friend, Robert Smith, with whom they gave live performances, for which they received the first prestigious award in 1989. At the age of 18, he began producing activities. Improving his skills, Ferry became interested in trance. His single “Don′t Be Afraid” was notable for gaining a spot on the charts. In 1997, he and Robert Smith founded the label TSUNAMI, with the support of a Danish company. The year 1999 was memorable when the solo project System F released the album “Out of the Blue”. This work quickly gained popularity at many dance venues in the world. He hits the top twenty singles of the UK.

Corsten works with many prominent DJs and musicians, participating in the release of new projects. Since 2000, he has completely devoted himself to electronic dance music. His ten tracks receive "Golden Status". He takes part in the opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Turin. In 2005, Ferry released his own record label Flashover Recordings. Under this label, he creates several solo albums.

Every year, he participates in the contest of the best DJs in the world, which is called "top 100 DJs from Arminfan." In 2013, he is the ninth, in 2014 - the fourteenth. Constantly held in the world twenty, this is a sign of talent and great skill.
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