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Norman Quentin Cook, better known as Fatboy Slim, is a British musician and DJ. He was born in 1963, playing in the style of big beat, hip hop, breakbeat, rock, rhythm and blues. Musical activity of the celebrity began in 1979, during which time he created 4 labels and managed to record a lot of good tracks. In 1991, a single single was released, titled Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out, which finished second in the national chart. In 1996, the album Better Living Through Chemistry was released, the compositions of which were performed in different musical styles.

After 2 years, another album of the musician, which no one expected, was released, and the compositions included in it occupied first places in the charts. In 2002, the musician′s performances were banned due to the death of 2 people at his concert, and already in 2006 the performer returned to the big stage again. In 2007, 20,000 fans came to his concert. In total, the musician recorded 6 albums, just a huge number of singles, which became real hits and liked music listeners around the world. The musician created compositions that were very interesting and therefore could not remain without attention.
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