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Dash Berlin is a Dutch band playing and composing electronic music in the Trance genre. Founded in 2006 in The Hague, DJ Jeffrey Sutorius with Sebastian Moleyn and Elke Kalberg. Sebastian and Elke successfully worked together long before the project, and Jeffrey became the heart of Dash Berlin.

Jeffrey Sutorius was born in The Hague in the family of a drummer in November 1979. He fell in love with electronic music as a schoolboy, and as a teenager, he worked in a music store, where he was addicted to collecting trance records on vinyl records. At the same time, he begins to think about creating his own style and composing music.

Dash Berlin's first track “Till the Sky Falls Down” blew up the world charts, being at their top. This was partly due to DJ Armin Van Buuren, since it was he who included the composition in his famous album “Universal Religion”.

The second track “Man On The Run” is already released on its own label controlled by Armada Music, instantly rises to the top of all world trans-charts, and also receives an award in the category “Best Trance Track” at the Trance Awards.

2009 marks the release of the first album, The New Daylight, with which Dash Berlin traveled around the world. Jeffrey Sutorius with Elke and Sebastian participates in all the famous trans-festivals, radio shows and events dedicated to dance music, including A State Of Trance, Trance Energy and Dance Valley.

In 2010 he enters the TOP 100 according to VO Mag, and in 2011 he enters the top ten selected DJs. In the TOP 100 DJs from Arminfan, according to the results of recent years, it is among the five leaders. Dash Berlin in 2013 took 3rd place, and in 2014 fell to fourth.

The music of Dash Berlin leaves a long unique impression on the audience, striking them with their sound and energy, infects with a dance mood, gives a sea of ??positive.
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