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Finnish DJ and producer Ville Virtanen, better known by the pseudonym Darude, began his musical career in 1999. The musician was born in 1975, and his first single appeared in 2000 and was called Sandstorm. The musician creates compositions in the trance genre, began to get involved in music and write it in his school years. The musician began his career with parties, and in 1997, his tracks first appeared on the radio. The first track recorded by the musician became a real hit and for a long time, leading in the Finnish music chart. The track held its position for 17 consecutive weeks. The first debut album of the musician was called Before the Storm and it was he who was awarded 3 Grammy Awards.

The second single of the artist called Feel the Beat could not rise above 5th position in the UK charts. The musician went on a world tour in 2001, and in 2002 released an album. In 2003, another artist album appeared, called Rush, after which the DJ went on tour in the USA and Europe. In 2007, Label This album was released, after which the musician began to participate in the most famous radio shows. In 2014, the 4th Darude album was released, the musician received awards in the categories “Best Single” (2002), “Song of the Year” (2000), “Best Debut” (2001). The musician has released a lot of good singles and is very popular among dance music lovers.
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