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The founder of the world-famous Cosmic Gate project was Klaus Tereven Burgerlicher, who was born in Duisburg on November 10, 1972, known in the creative world as DJ Nic Chagall. From an early age, he followed in the footsteps of his parents, who passionately loved music and devoted most of their time to it. From 1980, when he was only 8 years old, until 1991, he was engaged in playing the piano. This left an imprint on all the creativity of the future Cosmic Gate project.

Becoming a DJ Klaus began as a teenager at about 17 years old. At this time, he was playing the game in clubs, at parties and discos. But for him it was not the limit. Klaus was not interested in just putting the records together. He sought the uniqueness of the track, and also engaged in producer activities.

In 1994, Klaus became the permanent DJ of the E-dry disco, one of the largest of its kind. Less than a year later, the world heard his first tracks of his own composition. And after 3 years as part of "Strings of Harmony" fame came to him, the single ended up in the TOP 30 of the Netherlands.

The subsequent projects with the participation of Klaus for famous producers, including Sash, Supermax, U96 and others, only strengthen his position in music.

In November 1998, a Cosmic Gate project was created with a Bossi DJ from Germany named Stefan Bossems, who released the debut single, "The Drums", immediately taking off to the top of all German dance charts, including one in the TOP 40 Media Control. This made the joint project of two DJs famous throughout the world. Then such masterpieces of trance music were created as "Exploration of space", "Melt to the ocean", "Back to Earth".

To date, Cosmic Gate has done many remixes of the works of various famous musicians, including Vanessa Mae, Blank & Jones, Ferry Corsten and others. Klaus and Stefan successfully tour, giving performances in famous clubs. Needless to say, the largest trance music festivals do not take place without their performances, including Trance Energy, Nature One and Mysteryland.
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