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Andre Tanneberger, known as ATB, was born on February 26, 1973 in Freiberg, Germany. After some time, parents move from East Germany to the west in search of a better share. In the late 80s in the city of Bochum, Andre spends a lot of time at the Tarm Center club, enjoying the work of Thomas Kukula, the famous General Base.

In 1992, Andre decides to seriously engage in music and start writing his own compositions. He takes the first steps in his work at home behind a computer screen and the keys of a small synthesizer. By a happy coincidence, friend Thomas after listening to Andre was delighted and invited him to continue working in his studio.

In February 1993, Andre released his first single under the name Sequential One "Dance" and then Let Me Hear You. A few more techno-style releases were later written.

In 1994, the project included 4 members: Andre, Ulrich Poppelbaum, Woody van Aiden and Morph. The beginning of 1995 was marked by the release of the first album “Dance”. He brought fame and recognition to the project both at home and throughout Europe. In 1998, Andre and Ulrich work alone, and the name was decided to be reduced to SQ-1. “Can You Feel ...” is the debut single of SQ-1, and “Balare!” Was the final one for the project.

Andre gained worldwide success by releasing the single “9 PM (Till I Come)” at the end of 1998 under the pseudonym ATB on Kontor Records. The subsequent tracks “Killer” and “Don′t Stop” were included in all world ratings and charts of electronic dance music. In addition, at this time he begins to create remixes of famous artists, organizes the Trance Allstars project, creates a recording company Clubbgroove Records and even the SEAP DJ school. The family life of the musician, as well as his career, also developed successfully. In 2005, he got married.

Andre performs at venues around the world, including in the countries of the former Soviet Union. He received several awards, and his participation in the famous festivals of dance music is always welcome. In the TOP 100 DJs from Arminfan, according to the voting results in 2013, ATB took 7th place, and in 2014 rose to 5th level.

ATB is an extraordinary talented musician who surprises with the uniqueness and originality of his trance music. His compositions are always bright, surprising in their diversity: from melodic and fiery club motifs to more calm and even gentle tracks, inviting the listener to dream and have fun.
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