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Armin van Buuren was born in the Netherlands, in the small town of Leiden on December 25, 1976. His further work was greatly influenced by Jean-Michel Jarre and LieBrand, whom he listens to in his youth. He is interested in creating music from the age of 14.

Armin released his first release at the age of eighteen. And in incomplete 20 with a track in the Euro-trance style “Blue Fear”, he already won the TOP of Great Britain. This DJ also excelled at creating his own label with United Recordings at age 22. The next track “Communication” again enters the UK TOP.

DJ Van Buren started his career at the Nexus club in his hometown, where he learned to play sets lasting sometimes up to 6-7 hours. He begins to play music on venues in different parts of the world, making a record set at 12.5 hours in the Hague Dancetheater.

In 2000, the DJ released several compilations of his composition, where he harmoniously brought together a vocal trance and a progressive house. The first collection of “A State of Trance” was sold out with a circulation of 10,000 copies. In spring 2001, Van Buren launches his radio show, which runs 2 hours every week, on Dutch ID & T, where he plays popular trance music.

In 2007, the musician was in the TOP 100 DJs according to the version of “DJ Mag”, where he lasted several years. And in 2009, Armin van Buuren married, after which he had children of Fenn and Remy.

During his work, he receives many awards. Among them, one of the most significant in the Netherlands, the “Buma Cultuur Pop Award” in 2008, the Golden Harp in Hilversum and the award in one of the categories “Most Popular International DJ” for the 2010 Golden Gnomes Award. He is also appointed Officer of the Order of the Orange-Nassau for his great contribution to the development of Dutch music in 2011. In the TOP 100 DJs from Arminfan, Armin van Buuren in 2013-2014 takes a well-deserved first place.

Among his famous albums are "Shivers", "Imagine", "Mirage", "Intense". Today Armin van Buuren is one of the most famous producers and DJs, who conquered the whole world with his progressive music and trance.
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