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Allen Watts was born in the small town of Tolbert (Groningen) in the Netherlands in 1980. Now lives in Rodin. Interested in electronic music as a teenager. He began to engage in creativity back in 2009 and since then has been making great strides.

The first release comes in 2012 and is called “What May Come”. he is admitted to the terminal4 Records label from the famous Blackhole Recordings.

Split Second was released in 2012 - and this is a sharp leap up the career ladder. World fame comes to Allen Watts at this time. In the same year, the single “What may come” and several remixes were released.

2013 is very fruitful for Alain. He collaborates with famous labels, including Monster Digital, Edge EDM Records, Kearnage Recordings, Trance All-Stars Records, Progressive House Worldwide, and many others, and releases singles that have become very popular in clubs and on the dance floors. These are Skin deep, Tomahawk, Sidewinder, Out of reach, Fast lane.

In 2014, the compilation “Monster Tunes best of 2014” (Mixed by Allen Watts), as well as several successful remixes, including on Armin Van Buuren himself, are released. In the same year, Allen Watts songs were rotated on the radio, including in the famous Van Buren radio program “A State of Trance”, playing in the sets of popular DJs.

Also this year, the singles “Fallen”, “Kepler”, “Recharge” and others are released. In total, 24 singles and many remixes are released for creative activity from 2009 to the beginning of 2015. Of the latter, composed in 2015, “Inside out” and collaboration with Lee Osborne “Alcatraz”, recorded on the Monster Pure label, are especially popular.

Allen Watts music has its own unique style, it is energetic, and its rhythm is incendiary and contagious. Fans of trance are delighted with the tracks of Alain and its popularity is growing every day.
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