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Alexandre Bergheau was born in France in Montrond Les Bains. At an early age, he studied classical music at the insistence of his parents, including theory, and played the piano and cello. But then he became acquainted with electronic dance music, and it impressed him so much that he decided to devote his future life to it. The trance direction became a favorite, although at first Alexander looked for himself and developed his own unique style.

He took his first steps in 2008 and soon became a resident in one of the French nightclubs. Over the course of the year, he improved his skills and honed his skills. As a result, he decides to create his own musical project under his own name.

2012 brings him fame with his debut single, Colors of Persia, released on Blue Soho Recordings. It was so bright that it simply could not go unnoticed by Armin Van Buren himself, who from this moment begins to support the young artist, includes his compositions in his legendary radio show “A State of Trance”.

In 2014, he released Symptom on Captivating Sounds. And then Ephemere, along with Geert Huinink at Blue Soho Recordings. And in 2015, Titanides was released on Armada Captivating.

Today, Alexandre Bergheau, despite her young age, is very popular in clubs and on dance floors. He performs all over the world, his compositions appear in various radio shows, among which, of course, Van Buren's A State of Trance occupies a special place. He also receives tremendous support from various famous DJs. He is not just a talented musician, but also a person with a light character and sparkling humor. And his music shines with solar energy, charges the audience with a wonderful mood and gives positive emotions.
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