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One of the leading trance DJs, Paul van Dyke (real name Matthias Paul) was born in East Germany in 1971. Listening to forbidden radio stations and listening to recordings smuggled through, he became acquainted with Western music. His first performance as a DJ was in 1991.

Soon he was invited to speak at famous parties, where he met a talented young performer DJ Kid Paul. They began to perform together in a show called Paul vs. Paul. Their performances became popular and they called their joint project The Visions of Shiva.

In 1993, Paul and Kidd parted ways, and van Dyck began performing at the large venue of the E-Werk club. Like all talented musicians, the path to Olympus was thorny. Reader, who helped him release his debut album 45 RPM, had a great influence on his future fate. The reader took part in the design of the album and composed a tracklist. The name is quite symbolic, it reflected the speed of rotation of the vinyl records that were used for dance music.

Paul performed in the UK, where he achieved some success. But the peak of his work on the islands was the newly released album 45 RPM, which reached number one in the ratings. Paul has performed at many world venues, earning more recognition and respect. He remixed tracks of famous artists. This continued until his second album, Seven Roads, was released, which elevated him to the rank of one of the greatest performers of electronic music. He ended up in the Top 100 charts. According to DJ MAG Vann, Dyke took fifth place in 2009.

In 2013, Paul took part in the competition of top 100 DJs from Arminfan, took 11th place, the next year he was 13th. It′s prestigious - it is always so close to the top.
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