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In the small Norwegian city of Kirkenes, in 1982, Orjan Nielsen was born - in the future an outstanding producer and trance DJ. From early childhood he became interested in music, and at the age of seven he became the owner of a synthesizer keyboard. Since then, he has not parted with keyboards.

He listens to music, performs it, and tries to create something of his own. At the age of twelve, he had already decided on a style that would become a leading one for him throughout his future life. Ten years later, he bought his own synthesizer, turntables, and began to improve in the field of DJing. He paid a lot of attention to the theory of creating tracks in order to create harmonious melodies.

In 2004, he was spotted by a trance audience. His remixes increasingly began to fall into the tracklists of popular DJs. World famous is the first release of the Arctic Globe / Prison Break label Intuition Records, which was comprehensively supported by Armin van Buuren, a famous Dutch producer and DJ with a worldwide reputation.

In 2008, he released such a track, which became his hallmark. It is called La Guitarra. A year later, he released the first studio album, entitled "In My Opinion". The work received excellent reviews from the trance community and it ranked 35th in the DJ Mag Top 100 ranking in 2012.

However, the year 2011 was the most fruitful for Aryan. He managed to release an album, seven singles, twelve remixes. He performs at festivals of world significance, he is recognized by all the outstanding DJs in the world.

After the debut record received such a high calling, Aryan is closely involved in creating tracks with a more club orientation. Every year he participates in the competition of the best DJs in the world "top 100 DJs from Arminfan." In 2013, it is the fourteenth, in 2014 - the fifteenth. He firmly established himself in the twenty strongest.
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