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Trance DJ and producer whose continuous performances are full of energy and cause a lot of emotions - Alex M.O.R.P.H. He was born in the German city of Bochum in 1975. From early childhood he was fond of music. With age, he was increasingly attracted to various areas of electronic music.

In July, technoparades are held annually in Germany. His finest hour came at a time when he was lucky to take part in one of the parades of love. He played several compositions and was noticed by many organizers of holiday parties, not only in Germany, but in other countries. After solo performances, suggestions rained down on him, but he decided to stop for a while and understand whether he occupied a niche in the music world.

After a couple of years, he finally chooses a unique and original style - morphsound. By that time, he had met with Woody van Aiden and began to speak under his guidance. He played on numerous venues in the world, and his DJ career ascended to heaven. In the vote for the best DJ in 2013, he took 16th place, and in 2014 he was already in eleventh place.

Morph took part in the Mysteryland and Trance Energy festivals, his unsurpassed sets gathered an army of thousands of fans and fans. He called participation in Trance Energy the most exciting performance in his life. After that, he became convinced that his life path was the right path.

Alex speaks warmly about his mentor - Woody van Aiden, calling him a friend, manager and almost everything that is valuable in this world. Despite the ten-year age difference, they perform together, write new compositions, create remixes, create new radio shows and perform with sets. They took part in the Live Energy festival in 2005 together with other world stars.
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