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Richard Durand

He is a regular in the best world ratings. His sound is a mixture of electro, trance and techno. His homeland is Holland. His name is Richard Durant.

Creative way DJ

Richard van Schoneveld was born on April 5, 1976. He began his career in the late nineties. He performed in the style of uplifting trance. During the year he recorded 2 collections and more than 15 singles. He founded the successful Zzap Recordings label in 2000.

Since 2005 known as Richard Durand. He became famous as a talented creator of remixes. His work won the playlists of the first DJs on the planet. Remix for the work of LethalIndustry won the best charts.

In 2008, Richard presented a set of tracks from the Colorsfest festival in Scotland. The debut took place in the EssentialMix program on BBCRadio 1. In the same year, Duran recorded the most powerful techno-trance anthem Weep.

In 2009, his remix of Madagascar blew up all the world's dance floors. Next came the equally successful lyric album Always TheSun. The clip on the track of the same name has collected more than one and a half million views on YouTube.

In 2010, a momentous event took place. Richard Durant received In Search Of Sunrise at Tiesto. Until the end of the year, he carried around the world “ISOS 8: SouthAfrica. Mixed by Richard Durand. " The program was nominated for IDMA Best Compilation.

In 2011, one of the most anticipated albums of the year was released. Wide Awake by Richard Duran. At the same time, his touring calendar became denser. The best clubs and festivals on the planet opened their doors to Richard. Among them: GlobalGathering, TranceEnergy, Mayday, Gatecrasher, Sensation, DanceValley, Godskitchen, A State of Trance, PlanetLove, Summer of Love.

Ratings and achievements

In 2007, Richard was ranked among the best DJs by DJ Magazine on the personal recommendation of Tiesto. And he took 91 place. The next year, he climbed to 66th line, and a year later he gained a foothold in the Top 50.

In 2013, the authoritative rating of the best trance DJs of the planet from Arminfan awarded him 17th place. In 2014, the result is slightly worse - the 29th line of the rating.
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