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The Dutch collective Rank 1. Their composition Airwave has been reprinted for over 15 years. Their tracks become hymns of world trance festivals. Rank 1 Team. Pete Burvots recruits unrealistic live performance around the world, while Benno de Guy focuses on studio work.

Creative way of a trance duet

The team, with the prophetic name Rank 1, was organized in 1996. Senior DJ Pete Burvots and a guy with no experience, but with absolute hearing and musical background, Benno de Guy. The first track of world significance Airwave became the band′s business card for decades. He clung to the TOPs of dance charts for a long time and was chosen as the theme “Innercity-99”.

At the beginning of the new millennium, the guys took part in major projects. Pete, along with Carl Resort and Ferry Corsten, released TheSilmarillia and RushMe. These tracks hit the best charts. Benno, together with Tiesto, organized the KamayaPainters. Later, many of the tracks from this project Tiesto included in the series of compilation "ISOS" and "Magik".

The continuation of the joint activity in the group Rank 1 was the single “SuchIsLife”. The track conquered the European charts and was chosen as the anthem of the trance festival “Sensation”. In 2002, the debut album "Symsonic" was released. And next - a duet disc with TranceEnergy 2002.

In 2004, several works that won worldwide recognition saw the light of day. Breathing, It's UpToYou (Symsonic), Beats At Rank-1Dotcom. The last track was the theme of TranceEnergy 2005. The next experimental sound, “TopGear”, won the “Tune of the Week” award in ASOT 197. In 2006, “ThisWorld Is WatchingMe” took 15th place in the annual A State Of Trance TOP.

The Rank 1 collection has rather interestingly distributed roles. They do not go to festivals together. The touring job rests entirely with Pete Bervots. On behalf of the collective, he conquers the best world festivals in Ibiza, France, Canada, Hungary. Concert for the fifth anniversary of ASOT, TranceEnergy, a party in Hollywood. At the same time, Benno de Guy prefers studio work.

In 2005, the team ranked 81st in the ranking of DJ Mag. This is the only hit in the TOP. But the success of Rank 1 in another authoritative rating, from Arminfan, is more significant: 27th position in 2013 and 38th in 2014.
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