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Andy Moor: talent and performance. He lights the songs of world stars. He created a unique sound for Tiesto, Starkid, Orbital, Nelly Furtado. His award is a Grammy Award. His name is Andy Moor.

Andy Moore is a respected producer and DJ. Plays in the style of Euro trance. His extraordinary talent and fantastic performance have done their job. Andy's concert schedule is scheduled by day. They want to see him at the best parties and in elite clubs around the world.

Creative way

Andy Moor was born on January 16, 1980 in Stoke-on-Trent, England. His musical talent manifested itself from the age of five - in the form of a piece for piano. By the age of eleven, another 6 instruments had been added to the piano. And at thirteen, Andy Moor released his debut track. At the age of 21, his individual style was known throughout the world, and Andy himself plowed the largest trance festivals on the planet.

In 2004, Andy Moore was awarded the title of “The Best Trance Produser” and received the prize “The Best Trance Track”. In 2006 - the award "The Best Dance Track" at IDMA. In 2009 - nomination for DJ Awards. But the crown of his career is a Grammy Award with the track Delerium-Angelicus.

His remix for the Nadia Ali track, LoveStory, conquered the world charts Beatport Trance, BillboardBreakout Chart and BillboardDance Chart. Undoubtedly, one of Andy Moore's talents is to discover new facets of songs and translate them into remixes. He is entrusted with his works by stars of a planetary scale: Tiesto, Brian Eno, Avril Lavigne, Paul Oakenfold, Arthur Baker, Britney Spears, Nadia Ali.

AVA recordings - a new turn in Andy's career. He founded the label in 2006 and quickly became a leader in the global trance industry. In 2010, Andy Moor released Breaking the Silence and went on a world tour with him.

MoorMusic Podcast - Andy's radio show. Each issue collects 150 thousand downloads on iTunes. As for ratings, Andy Moor has never left the top twenty from DJ Mag during his career. In 2013, he took 26th place in the ranking of the best trance DJs on the planet Arminfan. In 2014, he managed to raise to 24 places in the same rating.
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