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His music is vaguely driveful and epic at the same time. He created his virtual sound synthesizer - Genesis. His name is Ummet Ozcan. Unofficially, he is called the "Dutch child prodigy."

Early work

Ummet Ozkan was born on August 16, 1982. The sounds of electronic dance music captivated his imagination since childhood. It is not surprising that in 1999 he acquired an old synthesizer and began to create. Having thoroughly studied the work of virtual programs, Ummet created its own synthesizer - "Genesis". Thanks to the support of "Computer MusicMagazine", reputable producers began to use its device.

In 2001, the track "Pump ThisParty" brought him his first serious income. His classic compositions for the dance party "TheLight", "NaturalWaves" and "ChicaGood" were picked up by DJs Marco V, Eddie Halliwell and others. The sound swiftly swam through the waves of the best clubs and parties in the world, spreading the glory of Ummet Ozkan.

After creating the unofficial anthem of Trance Energy 2009 called "Timewave Zero", he became a favorite on Dutch national radio. Now Ummet Ozcan continues to work on a new virtual synthesizer, and in parallel creates several anthems for iconic trance festivals.

In 2013, Ozkan managed to jump into the last car of the rating of the best DJs from the DJ Magazine - at 99th place. Fantastic, but he managed to add as much as 68 points in a year! In 2014, he settled in 31 places in the same ranking.

The incredibly progressive year of Ummet Ozkan confirms another authoritative rating - Arminfan. In 2013 - 46th place, and in 2014 - 26th.

These figures show that his unusual, fresh sounds in electronic music resonate with the hearts of listeners. There is no doubt that Ummet Ozcan opens a new chapter in the development of world dance music.
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