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The Blizzard is a popular Norwegian music project that creates electronic music in a trance style. It consists of Tore Watle Jensen and Lars-Christian Nieheim.

Tore Watle Jensen was born in 1979 in the Norwegian city of Serreis. He has a very wide range of musical preferences. For many years he wrote music under various creative pseudonyms, including Koma Supra and Tinnitus Project. He received the profession of sound engineer at the metropolitan university of Norway.

Lars-Christian Nijheim was born in the same city in 1984. From an early age he is fond of electronic music, and since the 1990s he has become a fan of the trance style. After some time, he decided to make his dream come true and bought expensive equipment for mixing music. Since then, his creative career begins.

In 2002, the two musicians met, easily found common interests and topics for communication, and at the end of 2005 it was decided to create the project The Blizzard.

In 2007, the debut track “Kalopsia” was released, and later a single was released with stunning remixes of this composition. The acquaintance, whom the duet gave to listen to “Kalopsia”, transmitted through a friend the recording to Armin Van Buren himself. So the composition got into the famous radio show “A State of Trance”, where it found its listener and ensured the success of the project.

After several years, various remixes were released, liked by both critics and trance lovers. The next single “In And Out Of Love” turned out to be scandalous due to errors in the work of the sound engineers of “Armada Music”. In late 2008, again an unforeseen situation. After the announcement of the release of the single “Iselilja”, the track appeared on the Internet, which is why the album is released only next year.

Since 2009, their own radio show has been released, which later transformed into the Point Zero podcast. And in 2010, begins cooperation with DJ Omnia from Ukraine, which lasted a long time. The tracks "Metanoia", "Closer", "My Inner Island" are released. In the TOP 100 DJs from Arminfan, according to the voting results of The Blizzard in 2013, he took 45th place, and in 2014 he lost his position a little and was on the honorary 55.

Today, The Blizzard's music is very popular among trance fans. It is distinguished by its unusualness and incredible unique sound. Own unique style of the project was called "Norwegian trance", and the collections of "A State of Trance" for several years in a row can not do without the compositions of the duet.
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