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Sean Tice was born in New York, where his childhood passed. He developed an interest in trance music after a friend gave him to listen to compacts with various electronic interpretations. New musical style won the heart of a young American. In 1990, he began mixing tracks. But the career of a simple DJ did not suit him, and he devoted several years to the creation of his own works. When he managed to create new music, he began to perform with her in the DJ field, at a higher level.

He left prosperous New York and moved to Switzerland, where his future wife lived. Then he moves to Germany, where he meets the famous Dj Beam. During friendship and cooperation, Sean has gained invaluable experience. They released several collaborative tracks on Sonar Systems and 64 Bit. Together with his wife, he moves to Switzerland, but maintains close relations with Dj Beam. Not only that, he writes a remix for his new single “On Your Mind”, created in the tech-trance style. This work has been evaluated and approved by the leading DJs of our time. In 2004, Sean created his own radio show, “Frequency Friday,” and performed once a month on the Internet radio station ETN.fm.

He achieved great success by participating in the contest organized by Sander van Dorn. Of the 250 participants, his remix took first place. In 2006, this work was released on vinyl and, according to experts, it became better than the original. But the real luck for him is the brilliant song “Lift”, which is recognized as the best trans-track of 2006.

A great influence on the work of Sean had John Askew, who helped him to reveal his talent to its full potential. He became both a mentor and an impartial critic. In the contest “Top 100 DJs from Arminfan”, in 2013, Tys took 37th place, and a year later he was in 48th position.
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