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German producer and DJ, Ronnie Nyumann, was born in East Germany. He began his DJ career in 1997, and immediately fell into the influence of the famous German label Euphonic. It is known to the general public under the pseudonym Ronski Speed. At the very beginning of his career, he met a young and talented producer, Ralph Muller (pseudonym Sonorous). Together, they organized a small studio, where they began to create their masterpieces.

They released a couple of debut albums, one of which immediately became a hit. This work was called Glass Garden, which was released as a bi-site on the Sonorous CD single. A year later, they created a dance version of the track, which was a huge success. Even the famous Paul van Dyck called him his favorite track. At the same time as working at the studio, Ronnie creates unique remixes that raise his authority among professionals.

In 2003, Nyumann decides to completely concentrate on his DJ career, and launches his radio show on the famous Internet radio DI.FM. He debuted in DJ Mag Top 100 and takes an honorable 83 position. The most successful for Ronnie was 2005. He successfully performs at leading British dance floors, attends clubs in Europe, America, Asia. In the Internet voting for the results of the year of the portal TranceAddict.com, he takes the thirtieth place, but does not get into the top 100 DJ Mag, being in 119th position. His mix compilation "Positive Ways 3" fully demonstrates his DJ skills and ability to select tracks in the style of progressive and trance.

In 2006, his new works in the style of a progressive trance were released and were popular among professionals and fans. He voted in the "Top 100 DJs from Arimifan." In 2013, it ranks 34th, and in 2014 it falls to 42nd position.
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