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Rex Mundi, whose real name is Boy Hagemann, has been fond of composing music on a computer since early childhood. He is fascinated by how new melodies are born only thanks to him and the soulless machine. For such activities, he spends most of his time skipping studies and skipping rest and sleep.

After some time, one of his friends notices the success of the young composer and introduces it to his friend, who works on the radio, where music is also broadcast. From now on, everyone can hear Boy Hagemann's music.

Then the fateful meeting of the future Rex Mundi with Robin "Jaydee" Albers takes place at one of the radio shows. Robin noticed a great talent in young talent and offered him a lucrative agreement to record music. Within this project, Boy Hagemann forms his own unique style, developing as a composer and DJ. A little later, at the request of Robin, he creates a successful remix on Plastic Dreams for Positiva, and also creates a remix for Carl Cox′s 23rd Century.

Somewhat later, Boy Hagemann, in collaboration with Johan Groenewegen, merged into a new project, the compositions of which will fall into the popular DJ compilations of world renown and fame Tiesto. They got into many radio shows, occupy the top lines of dance music hit charts of various radio stations, including being in the playlist of Paul Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyk.

During his work Boy Hagemann has created many remixes and singles, among which are “Techanza” (2010), “Kalua Islands” (2010), “Opera Of Northern Ocean” (2010), “Valley Of Dreams EP” (2011). Today, the popularity of Rex Mundi is growing every day, he performs on the same stage with Marcus Schulz, Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, Nick Warren and Marco V. According to the results of voting at Armanfan, Rex Mundi entered the TOP of the best DJs of 2013 getting to 59th place, and in 2014 it occupies an honorable 77th position.

The style of the compositions of Rex Mundi is characterized by excellent playing of basses, sophisticated technique, and energy. It′s hard to resist this kind of music; it charges you with positive and desire to be in motion.
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