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One of the most successful and progressive South African DJs and musicians, Nate Raubenheimer, began to show his musical inclinations at the age of seven when he managed to get his first electronic keyboard. This does not mean that from this moment his career began. It was just a vector in the direction of which he rushed. The first thing he started to play was jazz and classical music. Then it went up - synthesizers, computers and electronic music.

Having a basic musical education, after graduation, Nate entered the directing department of the Institute of Cinematography in Cape Town, continuing to engage in electronic music. Speaking under the pseudonym Protoculture, he attracted the attention of co-owners of Nano Records, who released the first single by Nate - Superhighway Samurai. He was picked up by some famous DJs. At that time, his signature sound was formed: a symbiosis of a light melodic trance, progressive and morning melodies.

But he was engaged in creating tracks, the most successful of which is New Directions, which is still considered the most successful and popular single. When his first album, Refractions, was released, his career skyrocketed. After recognition at home, he performed in the UK, Japan, France, Holland, USA and in many other countries. In England, he took part in the Glastonbury Music Festival, where he was a success. In 2006, his album Circadians was released, warmly received by fans and connoisseurs of unique music. He took part in many successful projects, wrote remixes and compiled together with prominent DJs of our time. Nate is an indispensable participant in the contest "Top 100 DJs from Arminfan." In 2013, he took 43rd place, and in 2014 - 44th.
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