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Matt Davy was born in the city of Nittingham in the UK. Music for the whole soul. He began his career in 2010, released the single "Back to the Day", as well as several remixes, including a remake of Dirty Devils - Workout. All these celebrities all over the world.

2011 was marked by the release of a remix with Nicole McKenna, as well as the launch of the new single, “Skylines”. But Matt Davy does not stop there, and the next year brings him not just recognition among the audience, but world fame. Hits and new works.

In 2012, the new singles “Apocalypse”, “Believe in Me”, “Castaway”, “Elise”, “Nemesis”, “Slipstream”, as well as “Higher Ground” in collaboration with Lo-Fi Sugar were released. Several songs immediately get on the radio, including participating in the “Trance State" of Armin Van Buuren himself, and appear in many world dance music charts.

Matt Davy′s tracks are played at discos and clubs, not only in the homeland, but around the world. And the single “Believe In Me” has repeatedly won the status “Melody of the Week” in the Van Buren show. The track "Nemesis" turned into a B-Side "Evolution", which was dedicated to the most successful releases.

Matt works with a variety of famous labels, including Borderline Music, A State of Trance, Infinity Records, Neuroscience Recordings and others, as well as the legendary Armada Music. In 2013, the single “Neutrino”, as well as “Sunrise” were released in collaboration with Kate Douman. In 2014, "Hadouken" was recorded on "Armada Misc."

Today, Matt Davy is an increasingly popular DJ and trance composer. In recent years, he has always been in the TOP of the best DJs, occupying 62nd place in 2013, and 79th in 2014. His music is very emotional and energetic. When you play music, Mat is simply impossible!
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