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Matt Darey was born November 29, 1968 in the UK in Leicester. He took the first steps in creating his own music at school. At that time, he participated in a group of four, playing the role of vocalist and composer. She began her musical career in 1992 when she entered the American rave scene.

After completing training and writing the final work, he receives a scholarship, which he spends without a trace on creating copies of his first track “Overdose”. He takes part of the records to clubs, shops, and dance floors for free, but he makes a profit from the rest. This asserts him that electronic music is his vocation for life.

Then his best friend from school Jamie White comes home from Australia. They decide to collaborate together and record several tracks that they send to various companies. To promote them several times perform in London.

But this was not at all the impetus for their world fame and popularity. Case intervened. Seymour Siten, a spokesman for the famous Sire Records label, called one of the record companies at a time when they were listening to Matt and Jamie's tracks. The melody attracted Seymour Siten and after some time the duo signed a contract for a profitable collaboration and the release of the first album.

After him, a track came out that made the duo famous all over the world overnight. This “Li Kwan Point Zero”, which immediately soared to the top of the world charts of dance music, became a hit on the Kiss FM radio station, and according to the radio shows Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold became one of the best songs.

From that moment, the recognition and fame of Matt Darey grew by leaps and bounds. By 2000, his name had become literally synonymous with the word "trance", and the unique style of music influenced many musicians, including Above & Beyond, Neo & Ferina and many others.

He starts his own radio show “Nocturnal”, which is broadcast at more than a hundred stations, participates in popular festivals, and in 2009 he founded the label “Nocturnal Global”, performs live in clubs under the name Urban Astronauts.

In 2013, according to Arminfan, in the TOP DJs it occupies 51st place, and in 2014 it occupies 75th position. Matt Darey is not only one of the pioneers of the world trans-direction, he is also a wonderful person, a true professional in his field, influencing young DJs and musicians.
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