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Marcus Schossow was born on October 28, 1985 in Helsingborg in Sweden. He is fond of music from an early age. He made the very first steps in his work at the age of 5, singing melodies of his own composition. And at 10, he created his first band, “Chock,” playing it on his old father′s synthesizer.

A little later, Marcus Schossow is fond of creating music on a computer, and after he began to master the Ejay Techno program with the help of a friend, his fate was decided. He spends all his free time writing electronic music. And at the age of 11, Marcus made his debut as a DJ. Marcus′s work was greatly influenced by his father, who introduced him to electronic music, once bringing home the Scooter album.

At age 12, Marcus changes school and makes acquaintance with Max Christenson, who brought him to the club radio Radio Powerhouse. At the age of 15, Markus acquires his first DJ equipment and after a very short time becomes a local celebrity and is even considered the most talented newcomer in Sweden.

At the age of 17, Marcus signed a lucrative contract with the famous label “020 Records”, which gave him the opportunity to be heard all over the world.

The year 2005 brings the young musician a collaboration with John 00 Flemming and Paul Moelands, as well as with some famous DJs.

Already in 2006, Marcus launched his own label "Raucocue Recordings". On it, the unique duet “Under Sun” is born together with the young star Sebastian Brandt. The project was noted by Armin Van Buuren himself, and their tracks begin to actively rotate on the air of various radio shows, including “A State of Trance”. The song "Capoeira" received the title of best trans-hit of 2006.

2007 is a very productive year. A lot of remixes, own tracks, as well as collaboration with world labels make Marcus incredibly popular around the world.

In 2013, he successfully collaborated with his colleague Sebjak, creating beautiful compositions and remixes. Among the most sensational tracks "Liceu". According to Arminfan, in the same year he was in the TOP of the best DJs and took an honorable 92nd place.

Marcus Schossow's own music is original and unique, and its remixes, according to listeners and some DJs, even surpass the originals in terms of the beauty of sound. Marcus is gaining popularity every day, his compositions are played in the best world clubs, at festivals and dance floors and there is no trance lover who does not know the name of this young talent.
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