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Jochen van der Steijn, known to the world music community as a DJ, Jochen Miller was born in the small town of Mill in Holland on April 11, 1979. He became interested in music very early, from his teens. Under the influence of his father, who was involved in organizing and organizing discos, in his early years he was fond of electronic music, practiced in creating remixes. And from the first steps in the work it became clear that he would not work in the traditional framework of a certain style.

From the age of 16 he begins to work as a DJ on an ongoing basis, and already at 18 he is a resident of the Dutch club Zinoas. In 1999, he participated in the Dance Valley competition for creating mixes and reached the final, distinguished by his skill and complexity of the execution technique. The subsequent game at the Lexikon club not only taught young John a lot, but also brought him popularity.

He becomes a regular participant in the Matrixx show club in 2000, and already in 2003 he received the title of “Discovery of the Year” according to the version of ID & T Magazine. In the spring of the same year, his compositions soared up the country's musical charts. He creates both his own tracks and magnificent remixes of popular compositions of world stars. Together with him, his pseudonym also changes, turning from DJ Jochen into the familiar Jochen Miller.

His fame quickly spread throughout the world. Now Jochen Miller is becoming a welcome member of the show in many clubs. He also participates in famous music radio shows, in television projects, and also performs in clubs of various countries, including the famous “The Space” in Miami, venues in Greece, Spain, and Holland. In addition, he participates in music festivals, including Mysteryland, Decibel Outdoor, Innercity and Impulz, as well as summer parties at Nijmegen. At the Rotterdam festival "Fast Forward Dance Parade" he hosts his own music show.

Jochen Miller has already achieved a lot, but is not going to stop there. Although according to the results of voting on the Arminfan website, he invariably gets into the TOP 100 best DJs, settling in 60th place in 2013, and in 2014 only dropping slightly to 78th position, he sets himself higher goals and strives for them.
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