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First State: Dutch duet. This duet is a synergy of two talents. Their tracks are recognized by world DJs. Their names are known solo. Ralphie B and Sander van Dien. First State Group. The ambitious name means First Class. And fully confirms the sound that talented musicians create.

The joint path

Collective work began with the overwhelming success of the first single, "FirstState \ Sacred". Then the guys continued to give a new sound to their old solo tracks. In 2007, the album "TimeFrame" was released. His title track "Falling", created in collaboration with vocalist Anita Kelsey, conquered the world dance charts. Starting from this work, the tour schedule of the team has become very tight. They were thirsty to see and hear in the best clubs in the world.

In 2010, First State presented two new albums, CrossroadsYearmix and ChangingLanes. The success of the records opened the way for Ralph and Sander to the world festivals of 2011: “Miami MusicWeek”, “ASOT 500”, “Official Istanbul Formula 1 GrandPrixPre-Party” and “TheGallery at Ministry Of Sound”.

In 2013, the ranking of the best DJs from Arminfan identified First State at 90th place, and in 2014 at 71th.

The collective in the faces

Ralph Barends was born in the city of Zvijndrecht on April 6, 1977. Seriously carried away by music at age 20. Melodic trance - it was in this style that the first sounds in Ralph's career were created. In 1999, under the pseudonym AlphaBreed, Dutch talent released the official release of “Beyond theMoon.” In 2001, with a light hand, Tiesto was accepted into the BlackHole Recordings label team. It happened in the spring, and in the summer the legendary track “Massive” was released. It was he who brought Ralph world fame. The composition included in their compilation the best of the best in trance music. In 2002, his other hit - “Amazon” - Armin played as part of the SensationWhite festival at the Amsterdam Arena stadium in the capital of the Netherlands.

Sander van Dien is from Dordrecht. At a young age, his parents presented him with a sampler and eight-bit keyboard. From that time on, he perfected his sound. The first release, “Cremona,” was released in 2003 via TwistedPulse Records. A year later, another rather well-known track was released - “Terms”. Sander′s acquaintance with Ralph began with an illegal remix of the composition of the latest “Amazon”. As a result, the work fell into world compilation and the First State project was organized.
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