He is the author of the best trance songs for other DJs. He has been writing film soundtracks for 15 years. His name is Brian Wayne Transo. But the whole world is known as BT. His work is not limited to just one style. He is doing what is interesting now. From remixes for the best trance DJs to symphonic works.

Creative career and career

Brian was born on October 4, 1971 in Maryland, USA. Vocational training began at four years old - with a violin. This marked the beginning of a musician's career. From the age of 14, Transo played in then industrial groups. He graduated from the BerkleyCollege of Music at twenty. However, could not be realized in Los Angeles.

BT managed to really open up on the label DeepDish Records. His recordings quickly hit the playlists of promoted European DJs. This was the beginning of Brian′s world career.

In the mid-nineties, his trance-style works "Embracing The Sunshine" and "Loving You More" first entered the lead of the English charts. Based on these compositions, the debut album "Ima" was recorded. Since then, Brian has chosen the club scene and quickly became one of the best at Progressive House.

Brian Transo worked on the music for the film "Blade 2", "American Pie", "Fast and Furious", "Full Speed" and many others. Together with Peter Gabriel, he created symphonic music for the celebration of the New Year in Great Britain.

ESCM's second album is a new word in the world of electronic music. According to the author, the collection reflects the idea that electronic instruments also have a soul. This album has become the quintessential career of BT.

According to the results of voting for the best trance DJ of the planet from Arminfan, Brian took 29th place in 2013 and 30th place in 2014.

Discography VT - the object of envy. It is so diverse and vast. Nine full albums, dozens of movie soundtracks and hundreds of remixes. But there is no doubt: Brian will not stop there.
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