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Young Polish singer and creator of electronic music Thomas Popielarskii, born in 1988. Acts under the pseudonym Arctic Moon (Arctic moon). He began to make music at the age of fifteen. The first steps were not easy, but the guy was purposeful and talented. He was attracted to electronic music. The turning point in his career was 2004. After he created the East-NRG System project, he became recognizable among professionals. But Thomas understood that this was not quite his direction. Combining trance, hard trance and progressive together, the true Arctic Moon was created, and a new project was born.

How DJ Thomas began to be realized only in 2007. Ego remixes sounded at many dance floors. In 2008, he created his own radio show called The Key to Life, which aired on Afterhours.fm and Globalbeats.fm. He sets a goal - the release of high-quality tracks and close cooperation with famous and renowned DJs. He creates new tracks, remixes performed by popular DJs. Ego tracks were supported and positively received by Armin Vann Buren, M.I.K.E., Solarstone and many others. Since 2008, he joined the Polish trance project “Reflection Energy”. His performances can be heard on Tuesdays at danceradio.gr.

Over time, he began to conquer a large audience, the number of his works is increasing every year. His credibility as a producer, performer and DJ is gradually growing. I invite him to speak at many European venues. Thomas casts an annual vote on Arminfan's “Top Hundred DJs”. In 2013, he takes 36th place high enough for his age. In 2014, the voting participants determined him 43rd place.
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