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Yuri Kane: from Russia with love. He is a phenomenon of the Russian trance scene. His works conquer the world charts. His name is Yuri Kane. In 2010, the single “Right Back” became No. 1 on the ASOT radio show, leaving thousands of competitors behind! The public recognized his work. Krasnoyarsk can be proud of its hero.

Career of a musician and producer

Yuri Vereshchak is a talented producer and famous trance DJ. Born in Krasnoyarsk on May 22, 1975. He appeared on the world stage of electronic music in 2009 with the track “Right Back” on the air of BBC RadioOne. In addition to a successful foreign start, in the homeland the composition lasted 20 weeks on the Super Chart of Dance Music on Radio “Records”.

On courage, Jura created another masterpiece - “Daylight”, along with vocalist from Canada Melissa Loretta. Best seller on iTunes and the FutureFavorite nomination for the A State of Trance radio show. Also, the song was recognized by Tiesto in the ClubLife program and Judge Jules in the Live on RadioOne radio show.

After two incredibly successful works, Yuri Kane was strewn with suggestions for remix activities from the best world labels and DJs. As a result, the Somnia remix hit the world's best-selling compilation - TranceNation, from the Ministry of Sound label. A remix of Say, by Adam Tas, went on the world's best radio show.

The event of the entire career of Yuri Kane occurred in 2010. The song “Right Back” received the highest award in the world of trance music: “ASOT: Track of the Year”. This event is historic for the entire trance industry in Russia. None of the domestic DJs ever achieved this award.

In the ranking of the best trance DJs of the planet from Arminfan in 2013, Yuri Kane took 72nd place. This modest result was improved in 2014 to 35 lines. Discography Yuri Kane has ten tracks and the same number of remixes. A solo album is being prepared for release.
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