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Signum: from duet to solo. Their duet has existed since school. They stood at the origins of ArmadaMusic in 2003. A joint project of Ronald Hagen and Pascal Minard Signum. In 2008, Pascal Minnaard moved to Norway and the duo turned into a solo of Ronald Hagen. But this did not get worse.

Creative duet

Two friends organized in a musical group at school. The events took place in the small town of Zetemer on the outskirts of The Hague. The first contract was with BPM Dance. The first release of “WhatYou Got ForMe” was released in 1997. It was reissued in 2001 in the style of classical trance music.

The first appearance on the world stage of EDM took place in 2001 at the Gatecrasher festival in England. For three hours, the guys rocked the dance floor with their incredible tracks. This began a series of performances at the best venues in Germany, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, etc.

In 2003, Signum switched to ArmadaMusic, after the collapse of BPM Dance. Their growth was as rapid as the development of the Armada. The legendary track "PushThrough" swept through the tops of the world charts. “TheTimelord”, “Captured”, “FirstStrike”, “SecondWave”, “Syndicate”, “Harmonic”, “AnyGiven Moment”, “RoyalFlash” - these tracks have been heard for many years by the world trance community.

Continued growth of Signum solo

In 2008, the project left Pascal Minard. Left solo, Ronald Hagen released the compilation “Best Of SignumVol. 1 ”and hit the Tranceworld series. then there was the “Xposed” show on the popular AfterHours.fm radio. As a result, Signum was included in the authoritative rating of trance DJs from DJ Mag. Ronald was in 72nd place.

Inspired by success, the talented musician released Riddles in theSand and Addicted. Both tracks entered the annual TOP of Armin. For three consecutive years, starting in 2009, Signum performed at ASOT 400, 450 and 500. In 2010, the long-awaited album “For You” and the most popular collaboration with Roger Sha “Healesville Sanctuary” were released.

In 2013, Ronald remixed the anthem of the world trance “Big Sky”, which was recognized by the best DJs. In the same year, he took 87th place in the prestigious ranking of the best trance DJ from Arminfan. In 2014, rose to 69 lines.
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