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In 1984, DJ and producer Philip El Sisi was born in the Egyptian capital. From the age of five, he began to study music, learning and playing melodies on the piano. By the age of fifteen, he has been working as a DJ at local clubs. When he was twenty years old, he began to compose his own music. Many years of piano exercises have borne fruit. In 2008, at the “diverted recording remix competition”, he won first place among one thousand applicants. His remix was recognized as the best. This remix was released by Steve Allen & Ben Allonzi, which was called "Forest Fire."

A little later his collection was released on the Offshore Music label. This track receives the approval of the luminaries of Egyptian DJing and more. Armin Van Buuren includes his track Witness in the top 15 of the best songs of the radio show A State Of Trance. Behind him is a remix of the track Andy Prinz, which receives huge support from Armin van Buyuren, and he includes him in the top of his radio show. So for a short period of time, Philip became a popular DJ and entered the cohort of the best representatives of dance electronic music. Many experts believe that he has not yet reached the peak of his career, and all the best and outstanding things are ahead of him. He needs only the recognition and support that he feels from Aly & Fila - the legends of Egyptian stage venues.

Philip is an indispensable participant in the famous contest for the title of the best DJ in the world, which is called "Top 100 DJs from Arminfan." The competition is held every year. In 2013, DJ Philippe El Sisi took 85th place in it. A year later, in 2014, he was in 88th place. Given his age, this is a good position in the prestigious world ranking. Fans expect new performances, compositions and compositions from him.
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