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Krzysztof Pretkiewicz, known worldwide as a DJ and producer of Nitrous Oxide, was born in Poland in Poznan in 1984. In the early 90s, he first became acquainted with electronic music and fell in love with it, and the compositions Depeche Mode, Jean Michael Jarre and Mike Oldfield became one of the most beloved.

In 1998, Nitrous Oxide took its first steps in a creative career and began to write music using a computer. He devotes all possible time to these activities. Although he does not have a musical background or even the skills to play an instrument, Krzysztof at the keyboard of a computer does wonders for creating beautiful tracks and remixes. At the same time, he chooses the direction of trance for himself, stopping at uplfiting trance.

The year 2003 in his career was marked by the appearance of a joint project with Kamil Bigaj called “3rd Moon”. Thanks to the support of DJ Precision, Krzysztof′s solo nickname “Waterfall”, as well as two works of the project “Moon Breeze” and “Diving In The Sky” find their listeners. From this moment the project works very productively, producing one magnificent track after another.

In 2006 the single “North pole / Frozen dreams” was released, and in 2007 “Morning light” and “Amnesia”. Next year is even richer in successful singles. These are Waves, Red Moon slide, and Aurora. In the following years, “Show me”, “Dreamcatcher”, “Tiburon”, as well as joint work with Aneym and “Mysterious movement” are released. And in 2014, "Before I met you" with Ana Criado and other songs was released.

Today, Nitrous Oxide is gaining popularity in countries around the world. His tracks are on the charts of dance music and radio shows, including the legendary "A State of Trance" and the program Above & Beyond.

In 2013, Nitrous Oxide made it to the famous Top 100 Best DJs on Arminfan, where it ranks 81st. The songs of this musician are loved by trance listeners around the world for their unique sound, unique style and excellent playing technique.
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