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Marco Verkuilen, acting under the pseudonym MarcoV, was born and raised in a small town in the Netherlands. From a very young age he was relentlessly attracted to electronic music, and he did not interfere with this attraction. During his childhood, hip-hop and disco were popular, and this undoubtedly affected the direction of Marco's activities. His contribution to the development of world dance music is hard to overestimate. Not many DJs can boast of such hard work, and such a variety of performances. In short, his music is recognizable. And so they say only about recognized masters.

By his example, he inspires young performers. Often called the best DJ of the DJs. In all that he does, his sincere love for music and the pursuit of excellence are visible. There are no clubs in the world where you would not be familiar with his music, which extends from electro to techno and far beyond. He releases a series of mixes called “His Combi: Nations”, which did not go unnoticed either at home or abroad.

In 2009, he released his third solo album, entitled "Propaganda." The lead single of the album was “Unprepared”, which rose to the heights of many charts. It sounded like on the pats floors, then on the radio. His works “Indicator”, “Simulated” and “Godd” are considered classics of modern electronic dance music. It belongs to that small category of people who were born with music and live with it. From the fact that he often experiments, some call him a musical chameleon. And that sounds like praise. Never stop there, always be in a creative search, his motto.

Marco takes part in the annual competition for the best DJ on the planet "top 100 DJs from Arminfan." In the competition for 2013, he occupies the 84th line, and a year later, in 2014 - 87.
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