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The real last name of Marcel Woods is Sheffers. He was born in the Netherlands, and his career began there. From early childhood, he was drawn to music. As a child, he spent all his pocket money on vinyl purchases, on which ABBA and Modern Talking concerts were recorded. He listened to them all day. Soon the understanding came that listening to good music is one thing, but writing it is another. He began to try his hand as its creator and realized that this was the main thing in his life.

For six years, since 1990, Marcel was a resident of the Hollywood club. Since 1996, he has been trying to perform with his own music. However, he did not achieve quick success. In his work, he began to use house and trance, diluting their techno. In 2001, his first success came to him. He wrote the song "De Bom", which was released by Byte Records. With his new track, he not only got into all European chatras, but conquered America, Asia. They began to talk about him as an authoritative musician who manages to create completely unique music. The peak of his career came in 2006. He has released a dance anthem called Advanced. And this unique composition put him among the most outstanding DJs in the world. Ten thousand vinyl records with this track were released, and the number of compacts is generally difficult and impossible to calculate.

In the same year, Marcel for the first time fell into the popular and reputable DJmag TOP 100 rating. Spring of 2207 was marked by the fact that he was invited to the anniversary of the great Armin vann Buyurin. One of the highlights of that holiday was his set. From that moment he became known to all lovers of dance music.

I′m participating in the annual competition of the best trance DJs “Top 100 DJs from Arminfan” in 2013, he is on the 820th line, and in 2014 he is given the 86th position in the world ranking.
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