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Manuel Le Saux: a legend of Italy. He shines on the stage of electronic music for 25 years. He is a resident of the best Italian clubs. His name is Emanuele Lucariello. Known worldwide as Manuel Le Saux. A DJ and producer from Rome prefers an uplift trance style.

Career and appearances

Emanuele Lucariello - Native Italian. He has been a DJ since 1989. From 1990 to 2000 - a resident of the best night club in Rome "Palladium". Since 2003 he has been the headliner of TranceGate, the largest Italian trance festival. Since 2006, collaborates with world labels Recoverworld, Bonzai, FluxDelux, Diverted, AlterEgo. He is supported by world DJs, led by Armin van Buuren himself.

The weekly radio shows Manuel Le Saux "Extrema" and "TopTwenty Tunes" have gained incredible popularity. Each release is waiting for millions of fans around the world. In 2013, he founded his label “Extrema GlobalMusic”. In the same year, the debut album “First light” was released.

Why was only one album released in 24 years? The answer lies in the incredible amount of live performance. The touring activity of Manuel Le Saux is a reflection of his popularity and incredible performance. He has repeatedly performed headlining on TranceEnergy, EnTrance, Tomorrowland and Luminosity. His name gathered tens of thousands of fans. It is worth listing the most striking performances of Manuel in his entire career, in addition to the above:

• 1999 - RedZone Festival in Perugia;
• 2002 - rave party Exogroove in Rome;
• 2003 - Street Parade in Italy;
• 2003 - PlanetTechno festival in Rome;
• 2004 - Street Parade in Italy;
• 2005 - CyborgDisco festival in Rome;
• 2005 - Milano TranceArena in Milan;
• 2006 - WaterTrance in Rotterdam;
• 2007 - TranceGate Festival in Milan;
• 2008 - Save TheMelody festival in Rome.

In 2013, Manuel Le Saux was ranked 63rd in the ranking of the best trance DJs on the planet from Arminfan. In 2014 - 67 line.
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