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John Askew is a world famous DJ and producer and trance musician especially popular in the UK. In 1993, he begins to take the first steps in his career, but at first he deals exclusively with rock music. Already in 1994, keen on electronic music, he changed his guitar to DJ equipment and became a regular participant in the club show "Code Red" in Willshire.

Such performances in the face of the thousandth crowd make him popular, and after a while he stands on the same stage with world DJs, including Carl Cox and Paul Okenfold. Already, John Askew begins numerous tours in Europe. John's speeches are broadcast on famous radio shows. A good example is the game of a musician and a DJ in the club “The Extreme”, broadcast live on the Slovak radio station “Fun FM”. In addition, he managed to conduct his show on a prestigious radio station for his work.

In 1999, together with DJ Simmer he creates his own company under the name “Shimmy Recordings”, and in 2000, in collaboration with “Universe”, he makes a world tour in which he performs more than twenty times. In 2000, became a resident of Tribal Gathering. Here he plays his sets with the world stars of electronic music, and on the New Year holiday of the same year he plays on the “Ministry of Sound”.

The year 2001 is very important in the work of John Askew. At this time, world fame came to him after the release of the first single "Vellum". And from that moment he cannot stop releasing one beautiful track after another.

The year 2006 brings fruitful cooperation with a friend and colleague Zak Frost, as a result of which the DRUM CULT project is born, and in September 2006 the debut album “Radio” was released on the label “Dirt Crew Recordings”. In 2007, John Askew released a new successful single "Chime", as well as many remixes of popular songs, including the work of Digital Nature and Aly & Fila.

According to the results of voting at Arminfan, it is always included in the TOP of the best DJs, occupying 65th place in 2013 and 81st in 2014. John Askew's music is played at festivals, venues, and nightclubs, including even the legendary Cream, The Gallery, Ministry of Sound. She invariably amazes the listener with her highest quality, beautiful sound, unusual and unique style.
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