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James Dymond: A DJ nurtured by the classics. He enjoys the support of world producers. He writes unique uplifting trance music. His name is James Dymond. English producer and DJ. Lives and works in London. First appeared on the world stage of EDM in 2011.

Career and appearances

James Diamond has been passionate about music since he was seven years old. At such a young age, he mastered playing the piano. In subsequent years, the list of instruments was supplemented by a guitar and saxophone. The gifted little musician took part in many talent contests and often won.

In 2011, the first release of James was released, which immediately took off in the TOPs of the world charts. Less than six months later, they drew attention to him from the ArmadaMusic label. Since then, not a single of his single has gone unnoticed. Of the fifteen works released on the Armada, 14 entered the BeatportTrance Top-100, and 13 got into rotation on the ASOT world radio show. In the same year, his track “Gundam” was featured in Armin′s legendary compilation “Universal Religion Chapter Five”, played in the Space club in Ibiza. Another of his work - a remake of the track Ralphie Barendse "Massive" - ??got into the TOP-20 of the Beatport rating.

In 2012, the works of James Dymond were twice called “Tune Of The Week” at the Armin van Buren radio show. The track “Overthrow” in the release of ASOT 549 and “Paladin” in the ASOT 558. As a result, the work “Overthrow” was included in the annual collection “A State Of Trance 2012”.

James Diamond has performances at the most prestigious world venues. In 2013, he played at the TranceSanctuary festival in London and at the TranceGate in Milan. In spring 2014, he was invited as a headliner to the DigitalTherapy Festival in Sydney. In the summer of that year, he successfully played his set at the Luminosity Beach Festival in Blumendal and at the Ministry of Sound festival in London.

As a result of such successful performances, James was included in the prestigious rating from Arminfan. In 2013, he took 67th place, and in 2014 - 68th.
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