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Aleksander Stawierej, better known as Indecent Noise, a Polish DJ and producer. Resident of the label MentalAsylum Records. He began performing in the clubs of Warsaw, but quickly entered the world stage. The first significant events are the played sets at the A State Of Trance and Luminosity Beach Festival festivals. He is also one of the organizers of Lifestream in Warsaw.

Career and achievements

Aleksander Stawierej was born on January 7, 1988 in Poland. At the age of 7, he first heard electronic music from Jan Michelle Jarre. And at 14 - he performed in full in small clubs in Warsaw. In 2006, he signed his first major contract with Neuroscience Recordings.

Indecent Noise hosts the monthly Noise Sessions radio show on Discover TranceRadio, Trance.fm, Totaal.fm and PureSound.fm. Also, his Radio Bosh program owns Sunday prime time at Afterhours.fm. Alex's touring activity covers the best dance floors in Europe. In the ranking of world DJs of the planet from Arminfan in 2013, he took 73rd place, and in 2014 - 98th. In addition to music, enjoys active and extreme sports.

Works included in world collections! The tracks and remixes of Indecent Noise systematically get into the best playlists since 2010:

• "Aerospark". Global Trance Ireland 2010
• "Warsaw". Compilation of John O'Callaghan - Subculture 2011.
• "The Chamber". Recoverworld Trance Sessions.
• "Let Go." Discover Centenary 2013
• "Civitanova". Discover Dark 100 Collection, 2014.
• "The Chamber". Compilation of Manuel Le Saux - Extrema Global Music, 2014.
• "The Chamber". Collection Recoverworld Club Sessions 2014.
• "Numero Uno." Collection Driving Trance, Vol. 2.
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