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Bjorn Akesson: Asian-Swedish production. For three consecutive years, his works fell into the final collections of ASOT. His collaboration with the stellar duo Aly & Fila shake the dance charts. His name is Bjorn Akesson. He has successfully performed on the world stage of EDM since 2010.

Creative path and achievements

Bjorn Akesson was born in 1986. His homeland is the town of Lund, in southern Sweden. In the mid-nineties, he first learned about the existence of electronic music from the Wipeout game. Later, in high school, met with the trance style.

In 2008, the loud debut of Bjorn Akesson took place. On the world radio show of Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance, the track PerfectBlue was sounded. Together with the second work - Sunchaser, the work permanently entrenched in the prestigious dance charts.

In 2010, Akesson began collaborating with the Egyptian trance duo Aly & Fila. All compositions were published on the popular label Future Sound Of Egypt. The first joint track - Robot Religion - aroused the delight of the public and got into a compilation of the best DJs on the planet. The next work - Perfect Red - was included in the legendary album Aly & Fila called Rising Sun.

In 2013, Bjorn Akesson was first awarded trance ratings. He was included in the TOP 100 from Arminfan, at 73 line. In 2014, in the same ranking, Bjorn Akesson got 98th place.

The best tracks included in world playlists:

• "Painting Pyramids". Compilation of ASOT 2011.
• "CASTLE TECHNOLOGY". Aly & Fila - FutureSound of Egypt vol. 2, 2012.
• "Sand Theme." Compilation of ASOT 2012.
• "Gunsmoke". Compilation of ASOT 2013.
• "Gunsmoke". Trance 100 - Best Of 2013.
• "Saripadanisa". Collection Trance 100 - 2014.
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