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Adrian Wojcik, born in 1992, in the Polish city of Lublin. He is the author of five popular tracks, has created ten remixes and a large number of singles. The whole world of electronic music knows him as a DJ, composer, musician and trans-producer. At the age of eight, he sat down at the piano and played the instrument for seven years, thereby receiving a basic education.

Since 2006, he has been trying to compose, trying himself in various genres. However, its own style is gradually emerging. This is a combination of musical trends progressive trance, deep and chillout. His work is not so much for the feet, but for the soul. He tells his friends that only hard work can lead to success and allow you to make music for world parties and dance floors. He performs his solo performances under the pseudonym A.R.D.I.

His active creative life is marked by 2009, when he was only eighteen years old. He began to act as a DJ, first in Poland, and then on venues in Europe, America, Asia. His magnitude of his talent can be judged by his places that he occupied in the prestigious competition "Top 100 DJs from Arminfan." In 2013, his name is in a modest 66th place, and only a year later he is already in 46th position. This is a major breakthrough, immediately at twenty points. Not everyone succeeds in such leaps in the ranking. Currently, he is one of the most sought-after performers of modern dance music.

Analysis of the voting results in DJ Mag Top 100 shows that neither in the past nor in 2013 Adrian was in the top hundred. But judging by his creative activity, he is still ahead. He releases singles together with Dennis Pedersen, Allam, Cynthia Hall and other artists. His music is in demand and is popular among professionals and connoisseurs.
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