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A young talented performer, DJ Wesz Dawell, since childhood has considered music the main business of his life. At the age of seventeen, he begins his career as a trance artist. With tenacity and perseverance, he is engaged in the creation of remixes of tracks. His first commercial trance hit, Jeckyll & Hyde - Frozen Flame ”he creates in record time. Then, the record company DigiDance released his composition Klubbheads. Together with Alex Fisher, they create several tracks that shocked world parties.

One after another, his hit tracks “Free My Willy”, “This Is Your Day”, “Future Tomorrow”, “The Monstrous Wave”, “We Are the Future” and others. He is accepted at world dance venues as a talented DJ, creator and performer of electronic trance music. He creates compositions that allow him to climb the career ladder of a world-class DJ. Wesza is warmly received at elite clubs in Canada, Guatemala, and Holland. He takes part in prestigious festivals. And he is constantly working on creating new tracks, remixes. In total, he has over thirty-five pieces of music of various genres, styles and directions. All experts agree that the future of electronic dance music, one way or another, will be associated with the name Wezz Devall.

How talented this or that performer can be judged by his participation in various competitions. One of the most prestigious contests is the competition for the title of the best trance DJ on the planet, which is called "top hundred DJs from Arminfan." In 2013, Wesz took 93rd place. The next year, the voters left him the 89th position. Hitting yourself in the top 100 artists is already a great achievement and a sign that the DJ has received recognition from connoisseurs and fans.
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