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Taylor Alison Swift is not only a talented country singer, but also a great actress. Taylor Swift's biography is full of surprises and surprises. According to the horoscope, she is a real Sagittarius (born December 13, 1989).

The girl was born in Pennsylvania, in the small town of Wyomissing, in a family with strong musical traditions - grandmother Taylor Swift was an opera singer. It is believed that it was she who helped the girl discern her musical talent. Taylor Swift's biography claims that fame knocked on the door of her house early enough - the girl was only ten years old when she first felt what it was like when many people knew you by sight. By this time, she had already managed to participate in many children's festivals and become a local favorite. At the age of 12, she was composing her own songs with might and main, and even performed with them on the street.

Fate provided a chance Taylor Alison Swift twice. The first time she charmed everyone present during the performance of the national anthem at the 76th Philadelphia Games. The second time she was noticed by the owner of Big Machine Records Scott Borkett.

Just a year after the release of her debut album (this happened in the spring of 2006), she was recognized as the best performer of the year. Today, the singer has five albums on her creative account, each of which has been favorably received by the public. In addition, Taylor Swift has received a number of prestigious awards. Among them are “Best Song of the Year”, “Best Country Performer”, “Future Superstar”.

Taylor Swift successfully made her film debut. Her participation was praised by critics in Hannah Montana and C.S.I .: Crime Scene. As for her personal life, the singer was seen in several romantic relationships, but she did not observe serious novels.
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