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Two guys from Ukraine, Nikita Bogdanov and Vadim Porotkov in 2009 created the project “Ost & Meyer. " They are already considered real DJs and producers of the new generation. The styles in which they perform: trance, technotrans and progressive trance. Their remixes and tracks are recorded by top labels such as Enhanced, Anjunabeats, Harmonious Breeze and others.

They are the authors of the anthem written for the electronic Ukrainian portal TopDj.ua. Their chip is playing the synthesizer during DJ performances. They became the owners of the prestigious “Top Track” award, took first place in the nomination “Performing Music in a Trance Style”. They are supported by top DJs around the world: Armin van Bruyuren, Richard Durand, Woody van Eyden, Ronski Speed ??and many others.

They are united by a great love of music, which has become the meaning of their existence and a source of vitality. Their tracks and remixes are performed on many dance floors of the world. They work fruitfully and a lot. New original works are constantly being released. Gradually, they came to the idea that music should be spiritual, but not from a religious point of view. That is, the main thing is that the music includes not only legs and arms, but also the soul and heart. Thanks to the friendly support of great producers and DJs, the guys create ever new compositions of high quality.

Young children, full of creative plans and longing to make beautiful electronic dance music. They constantly participate in various competitions where the best DJs are revealed. One of the prestigious contests is called the “Top 100 DJs from Arminfan”. In 2013, the duo won the 96th position, and the next year, they are already in 91st place. There is little progress and constant registration in the top hundred of the best artists on the planet.
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