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Nifra, whose full name is Nikoleta Frajkorova, was born in a fairly small town in Slovakia on January 16, 1988. From an early age he is fond of music, most of all giving preference to electronic dance. From adolescence, he stops in the trans-direction and further continues to work in it. From this time, the formation of her unique style and playing technique also begins.

The first steps in the career of a DJ and performer are in 2001. Also at this time she creates her own compositions in the style of trance and progressive. After a short period of time, Nifra becomes one of the most famous DJs in its homeland. And then it gains world fame.

In 2011, the single "Strangers" was released on the label "Soundpiercing", and in 2012 - "Dark Harbor". In the same year and later, Be Progressed albums were released with Nifra tracks participating in the A State of Trance radio show.

Today, DJ Nifra is gaining popularity. She performs at many venues and in clubs around the world, receives high marks for creativity by world DJs, including Armin Van Buren and Marcus Schulz. Her tracks also fall into the famous world charts and polls, into well-known radio shows, including the legendary Van Buren's A State of Trance. In addition, she hosts her own show on Afterhours FM called “Progress Your Mind”, and one of the tracks of recent years, “Ready”, is released on the famous label “Armada Music”, and also plays in the radio show “Global Dj Broadcast” by Markus Schulz .

In 2013, Nifra entered the TOP of the best DJs of the whole world according to Arminfan and took an honorable 98th place in this rating. Her music has many fans around the world. It is filled with frantic energy, makes the listener completely surrender to the dance, gives a charge of vivacity and positive.
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