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Michael Woods was born in the UK. He graduated from Pimlico′s Trinity College of Music, where he discovered vast musical expanses and chose her as his vocation for life. Also at this time he falls in love with electronic music. Since 1992, she has been playing in the London Symphony Orchestra with performances at popular British raves.

In 1993, the classic Caf? Del Mar. " And today the name of the track itself is synonymous with quality deep music. He passes his creative path gradually without sharp jumps and falls, invisibly for himself and his students, gaining a foothold on the stage of clubs and dance floors.

World fame came to him in 2000 thanks to the composition “Warrior”, as well as the magnificent remix on “Caf? Del Mar. " They received high marks from both listeners and world DJs. The track "Warrior" is in the TOP 40 and 1 step in the Club Chart UK, and the remix "Caf? Del Mar "becomes a luchitq chill-out song.

In 2001, another successful Voodoo track was released under the pseudonym Warrior, and Into the Dawn was released under the name Accadia, and a year later Blind Visions, in collaboration with the Lost Language label.

Since 2003, Michael Woods has stopped using pseudonyms and works under his real name. The track “If U Want Me”, together with vocalist from Australia Imogen Bailey, as well as with vocal parts Juliette Jaimes “Solex” are released. These compositions are a huge success, rotate on various radio shows, including in “A State of Trance” by Armin Van Buuren, as well as on television channels around the world. In the UK Singles Chart, they occupy the honorable 46 and 52 steps.

He works with many famous artists, including Gabriella Cilmi, Judge Jules, Chicane, Adele, as well as many others. In 2007-2008, collaborates with his sister and releases several singles.

In 2008, the sensational house remix for Caf? Del Mar. " Later, he makes several tours in many countries of the world, speaking at venues, festivals and clubs. Famous labels collaborate with him, including “Ministry of Sound”, and his tracks get into popular compilations and radio shows.

Listeners like his compositions for their novelty and incendiary, unique style of play and beautiful vocal parts. The popularity of Michael Woods is only growing from year to year.
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