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Juventa: young and promising. He is 21 years old. He is the rising star of the trance scene. His name is Yordin Post. Performs under the pseudonym Juventa. On the world stage of dance music, in just 4 years, his tracks got into the best compilation. Yordin was firmly entrenched in the title of "most promising."

Creative way

The Jordin Post was born on October 4, 1994 in Holland. Music in his life appeared from the age of seven. A full-fledged career as a producer began in 2011. Studying virtual programs for creating music, Juventa gradually came to his own, unique style. This is a cross between progressive and uplifting trance. His sound was appreciated. The works regularly fall into the rotation of the most popular world radio shows. A State Of Trance, TranceAround TheWorld, FutureSound Of Egypt are just some of them. Yordin′s compositions are published on reputable labels: Enhanced, CrystalSource, HarmonicBreeze, Infrasonic.

Discography and achievements

The Jordin Post has not yet received serious ratings. In 2013, he got the last place in the TOP 100 from Arminfan. In 2014, he added 8 points and took 92 place. His works regularly appear in popular trance music collections:

• Track “As You Are”. Compilation by DJ Marc Simz - “In Trance We Trust 018”, 2011.
• "Gone With The Wind". Will Holland Compilation - Digitally Enhanced vol. 4, 2011.
• "Sundesire." Collection "Trance100-2011 vol.1", 2011.
• "Dionysia". Compilation of Armin van Buuren - “ASOT 2011”.
• “Ocean Sparkles”. Compilation by Paul Oakenfold - "Weare PlanetPerfecto vol.1", 2011.
• “Like These Eyes.” Digest Digitally Enhanced Vol.5, 2012.
• "Metamorphose." Compilation of Armin van Buuren - "Universal Religion Chapter 6", 2012.
• "The Strip." Compilation by Richard Durand with Myon & Shane54 - "ISOS 11: Las Vegas", 2013.
• "405". Collection "Trance100 - 2013 vol.1".
• "SHWDWN". Collection "EFFECTIVE Party Hits vol.2", 2014.
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