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In 1998, Fadi, while in Germany, bought several CDs from Gatecrasher - in his native Egypt, such music was not sold anywhere at that time and was hardly known. It was then that the guys first met with trance music, the beauty of which they were simply fascinated. Their main idols of that time were Paul van Dyk, Steve Helstrip (The Thrillseekers) and Chicane.

In 1999, Aly & Fila equipped their first small studio. At first, Fadi was more attracted to DJing, while Ali became interested in playing keyboards. But soon, around 2001, they joined forces on both fronts. Aly & Fila begin to actively play dj sets in their own country - the guys quickly gained recognition among the clubbers in Egypt. Their next actions were aimed at an international breakthrough.

The first serious step in this direction for them was a contract with the German label Euphonic Records in 2002. And their first release on this label became a real bomb in trance music! The track "Eye Of Horus", together with a remix from Ronski Speed, with the support of Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk and Tjesto, won the hearts of clubbers all over the world. Soon, "Eye Of Horus" was reissued in Holland at Fundamental Recordings. The track reached fourth place in the Dutch Dance Chart. Also, "Eye Of Horus" got into many mix compilations, including Gatecrasher Resident Transmission 02, Viva Club Rotation, Mexico Love Parade, Energy 03 ...

Fadi tells about the writing of the track: "The idea of ??the composition is entirely owned by Ali. He wrote the initial version that we sent to Euphonic. After an approving answer, we already put together a lot of effort to bring it to the version that went into the single." The very name "Eye Of Horus" can be translated as "eye of Horus" (Horus is the Egyptian god of heaven and sun in the guise of a falcon). In ancient Egypt, the image of Horus′s eyes was worn as a protection against diseases, attached to the front doors to protect the house from evil power. This suggests that Aly & Fila truly respects the history of their country and is proud of it.

After completing a contract with Euphonic, Fadi gets to know Swiss DJ Andy Prinz, who had already founded Offshore Music Entertainment, a record company. With Andy, they agreed to launch an Offshore sub-label called Egyptian Edition, on which the guys could release their music. At the same time, the Prince invited the Egyptians to search for young talents for Offshore Music. The first release in a new place was "Spirit of Ka", which by then had already been on the track lists of many DJs. On the single, in addition to the original, there was a remix of American Markus Schulz.

Today Aly & Fila is considered one of the most popular oriental projects in dance music. They played in the best clubs in the world (Ministry of Sound, Godskitchen, The Gallery, Renaissance, Amnesia), started a crowd at many festivals (including Nature One, Street Parade in Switzerland, etc.), performed on the same platform with Tall Paul , John 00 Fleming, Satoshi Tomiiee, Kyau vs. Albert. In addition, the guys successfully host the #FSOE (Future Sound Of Egypt) radio show on DI.FM. Currently Aly & Fila is ranked 20th on the list of the best DJs in the world.
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