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Airwave: Belgian productivity. He created more than five hundred works. He has absolute pitch. His name is Laurent Veronnez. In the world trance scene, he is known as Airwave. He started in ambient style and wrote sound for the movie. But in 1994, he was conquered by a trance. Since then, he has accounted for more than a dozen successful projects: Yamakasi, CapeTown, Fire & Ice, GreenMartian, Cloud69, Antidote, and, of course, Airwave.

Creative career and career

Laurent Verognier is from Brussels. Born December 10, 1977. At the age of 15, he mastered playing the piano, thanks to private lessons. In 1994, he chose the path of a trance DJ and producer. The first major success is the Fire & Ice, with the participation of DJ Fire. And in 1998, the world history of Airwave began.

The first Believe album was released in 2002 via Lightning Records. Due to the studio′s financial problems, a full release of the collection never happened. But in 2004, the album was reissued, along with additions from new tracks. The successful collection was called "I Want To Believe."

In 2005, Airwave's original second album, Trilogique, was released. The collection combined three discs: Laurent's proprietary lyrics; progressive house, turning into techno and the third disc - chill-out compositions. The hits "People Just Do NotCare" and "Progressive Agressive" brought Airwave worldwide fame.

In touring, Laurent Verognier is known for his improvisations. Each of his live performances is an individual, enchanting show. Therefore, he is a welcome guest on the best dance floors of the planet. His performances were heard in the clubs Peach, Slinky, Gatecrasher, TheGallery. and the geography of performances is from New Zealand to the UK.

In 2013, the rating of the best trance DJs of the planet from Arminfan determined Airwave to 94th place. In 2014, Laurent managed to improve the result to 62 lines.
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