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The popular German dance group Sash consists of musicians Thomas Alison, Sasha Lappessen and Ralph Kappmeier. The musicians work in trance and disco styles, began their activities in Germany, back in 1995. The founder of the group was Sasha Leppessen, who became interested in musical activity at the age of 16, learned to play keyboards and eventually began to work with other members of the group. The first track released by musicians was called Indian Rave, but it did not become popular. Famous guys did a job called It′s my life. The next, pretty good single, was the song Eduador.

In 1997, the band released its first album, which received the name of the first single of the performers. A year later, the second album appeared, which included the famous summer single La Primavera. But the biggest hit of the new album was the composition of the Mysterious Times. The band's next album was released in 2000, which was well received by critics, giving it 13th place on the British chart. The guys released many more singles and collections, which continue to delight the audience and light big parties.
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